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Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code to Explosive Sales Growth is a four-part study by Whetstone Group of the significant challenges associated with maintaining and increasing sales in our current difficult economic climate and in the uncertain times ahead. This is intended for sales executives, CEOs, and business owners whose success is based on their ability to generate profitable revenue, consistently.

Based on current research by some of the most respected companies in the selling industry, Cracking the Code is a practical blueprint for real change – change that can explode your sales, increase your profitability, and build your market share. It will, hopefully, provide some new insights as to why achieving revenue goals continues to be so challenging, and how to address these challenges in new and more effective ways.

Part 1 of Cracking the Code, The Chaotic State of Selling Today, you’ll begin to understand the turmoil that exists in sales. Here you’ll get a clear picture of WHY making your numbers is increasingly difficult, notwithstanding any economic challenges that may be impacting your business. Download Cracking The Code »

Part 2, Why Salespeople Are Struggling.You’ll learn the common mistakes that salespeople make that compromise their ability to generate the results that you demand of them. This challenges conventional wisdom about how selling should be done. Download Cracking The Code »

Part 3, Mistakes Management Makes. You’ll discover that, unfortunately, you may be part of the problem. In pursuit of short-term revenue goals, management often creates problems that have longer-term consequences that are difficult to recover from. Download Cracking The Code »

Part 4, The Breakout. We’ll explore both short and long term strategies that will help you make your numbers this year and set the stage for continued sales and market share growth in the future. Download Cracking The Code »

How to Outsell Your Competition & Dominate Your Marketplace

A 12 Step Process Guaranteed to Dramatically Increase Sales Based on the – National Football League Model

Super Bowl teams have reached the pinnacle of their sport. They did not get there by accident. They followed a plan. And their plan is one that you can easily implement to vastly improve the results of your sales team. Download PDF »