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  • CommonSenseSelling_book

    Common Sense Selling

    Selling today is tougher than ever. Equipped with antiquated selling tactics, most salespeople struggle to meet their quotas and earn the kind of income that they dream about. Details

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  • SalesCoach

    Common Sense Sales Online Training

    Online sales training for sales people and for sales managers. This self paced e-learning platform delivers proven results with accountability and tangible measurements for success. Our Common Sense Selling® process is delivered to you on line via our SalesCoach learning portal. It consists of 6 modules with approximately 40 short (6-12 minute video lessons). Details

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  • CD_QuickSelling

    CD: Common Sense Selling® The Process Driven Advantage

    One of the documented secrets to sales success is having an effective sales process. Yet most sales people either wing it, with disastrous results, or use a process that lost its effectiveness years ago. Details

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  • CD_QuickLessons

    CD – Quick Lessons and Role Play

    Make the most of your driving time by listening to short lessons and role play examples of selling scenarios that you'll encounter on a regular basis. Understand the fundamentals of qualifying the prospect, dealing with a variety of stalls and objections, making cold calls, asking for referrals and more. Finally you'll hear plenty of examples of how to ask the questions, make the cold calls and set up the meeting agreement. Over one hour of great selling advice in over ten critical skill areas. Details

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  • SalesMastery

    Sales Mastery book

    The Salesperson's Guide to Mastering 72 Sales Skills. Includes 12 short lessons in 6 major areas (prospecting, qualifying, building trust & rapport, closing, tactics, and the Inner Game), each with an exercise that will give you the information you need to master 72 sales skills.  A must for any serious salesperson and manager. Details

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  • CommonSenseSelling_Banker_book

    Common Sense Selling for Commercial Banking book

    Common Sense Selling for Commercial Bankers (212 pages) shows how the Common Sense Selling process is adapted for commercial banking.  It’s the complete A-Z selling Bible for commercial bankers. Details

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  • Military_Recruiters_Handbook

    The Military Recruiter’s Handbook

    Whetstone Group has trained over 3,500 military recruiters. We know you’ve got a tough sales job, and we know how to help you succeed. Details

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