High Performance
Sales Management Workshop

If you want a high-performing sales team you need a high performing sales manager.

This sales management training program helps sales managers understand their role and to focus on the key areas of building a motivated and hard-charging sales force in an environment that is under constant change and pressure.

Effective sales management requires the following:

  • Understanding the business of managing and leading a sales team
  • Building the team and selection of the right salespeoplee
  • Sales growth strategies and planning
  • Training and developing the team
  • Setting clear expectations and holding people accountable
  • Getting everyone on the same “playbook”
  • Motivation and recognition
  • Learning how to effectively coach your people

The curriculum has been updated and is appropriate for both new sales managers as well as seasoned veterans.  You should attend if…

  •       You’re new to managing salespeople, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the job
  •       You’ve never had any formal sales management training (that includes most managers)
  •       You need a solid plan that keeps you and your team on track and on target
  •       You’re looking for better ways to make your team as lean and mean as possible so you can feel confident about achieving your numbers this year


  • If you train one salesperson you improve one salesperson.  If you train one sales manager you improve the entire team.
  • Every manager will leave with an implementation plan for the key areas to run their business.
Training Agenda
Day 1        
Roles & Responsibilities of Sales Managers
  • How Front Line Managers Spend Their Time: Understand the key areas and the % of time where frontline managers should concentrate.
  • New Sales Managers Exercise:  Identify & prioritize the 6 key areas a sales manager should focus on.
  • How to be a leader and a role model.

Sales Management Process

  • Overview of the Sales Management Process.
  • Why you need a sales process.
  • Training & results.
  • Self-limiting beliefs.
  • Sales Core Competencies Assessment.
  • Training learning curve.

Setting Expectations & Holding People Accountable

  • “First Break All the Rules:” Understand how great managers “break the rules” and develop a strong workforce.
  • Sales forecasting & pipeline management.
  • Pipeline management review questions.
  • Understanding the key strategic indicators that will predict success (or failure).
  • Introduce “Deal Stage” and forecast review questions.  Understanding your ideal prospect.
  • Keeping your team focused on high payoff activities.

Day 2

Motivating Your Team

  • 5 Critical components for achieving success.
  • Personal interests, attitudes & values.
  • DISC behavioral styles.
  • Keys to successful recognition.
  • Incentives and contest ideas.
  • Goal setting.

Coaching for Peak Performance

  • DISC behavioral styles and their role in coaching.
  • Rules for giving feedback.
  • Discovery questions for coaches.
  • Coaching checklist.
  • Field coaching ideas.
  • Sales process and getting everyone on the same page.
  • Reinforcing the sales process.

Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

  • The hiring process.
  • Identifying your ideal candidate.
  • Conducting initial interviews, phone interviews, and face-to-face interviews.
  • Interviewing and compatibility questions.
  • Understanding the characteristics of top performers.

Location: Virtual as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dates:  To be announced.

Investment:  $2497.00 per person

How to get started

Call us at 1-800-235-2816 or or use the form below.