Corporate Training

The famous training program that vastly improvedthe performance of sales people worldwide

85% of salespeople are using a sales approach that that is no longer effective.

The flexibility and adaptability of the Common Sense Selling® system enable our trainers to customize our programs to the needs of your company and your sales team.

As you can see from our Testimonials page, our training has vastly improved sales representatives, managers and entire sales divisions in very diverse industries in North America, Europe and Asia.]

Whetstone Group’s Comprehensive Learning Process

Training is a process, not an event. Billions are spent annually on sales training that yields little ROI for a variety of reasons, the most significant of which is lack of reinforcement. Whetstone Group has developed a wide variety of tools that, when implemented properly, can create permanent behavior change, which leads to a quantum leap in sales.


Step 1. Pre-Training Online Assessments

Benchmarking skills and knowledge; understanding behavioral styles.

Step 2. Pre-Training Preparation

Provides an effective preview of what to expect at the “main event,” the instructor led training through On Line Learning Portal, SalesCoach. Accelerates and improves retention of the content delivered during the boot camp.

Step 3. Instructor-Led Workshop

The “main event.” Delivery of the Common Sense Selling® process in a small group, interactive setting with ample opportunities for role-play over a 2-3 day workshop.

Step 4. Reinforcement & Proficiency Development

Whetstone provides a wide variety of tools for self-learning, as well as exercises and lessons initiated by both Whetstone and the sales manager. Brief weekly video reinforcement lessons are delivered for 52 weeks.

Step 5. Post-Training Assessments

Whetstone measures learning and retention regularly after the Main Event is concluded and provides feedback to both the salesperson and management.

This training program provides effective solutions for

  • Shortening the selling cycle
  • Qualifying more effectively
  • Creating more value for your products and services
  • Reducing the need to discount price to win the business
  • Getting to the real decision maker
  • Reluctance to prospecting
  • Staying in control throughout the sales cycle
  • Building stronger client relationships

How to get started

Call one of our sales training consulatants 1-800-235-2816 or or use the form below.