Common Sense Sales Training 
Our Philosophy

Our approach to training is holistic, from cutting edge strategies and tactics to reinforcement, coaching, and measurement, you get the whole package that your team needs to be successful.

Process Makes Perfect

Having a sales process saves time and improves selling efficiency. Our Common Sense Selling® process puts your whole team on the same page, gives them a common selling language, and makes it simple to diagnose problems when they occur. And now you only have one process (as opposed to many) to manage.

On-Going Reinforcement Training

We believe training is a process, not an event. Simply put, there are no quick fixes. Studies show that a training events, without consistent reinforcement, fail to produce lasting benefits. Converting sales training into well-developed skills is like mastering golf or learning to play an instrument; it just doesn’t happen over night. Every Whetstone program comes with an extensive reinforcement component.

KASH – the 4 areas of focus for success in selling

  • Knowledge: product, competition, marketplace
  • Attitude: positive mindset in spite of adversity
  • Skills: follow a proven selling process
  • Habits: disciplined, consistent goal-driven activity


Every successful athlete has a coach. Whetstone’s trainers do extensive coaching with all their clients.

How to get started

For more information about Common Sense Selling®, a consultative selling program, call 1-800-235-2816 or email: [email protected].