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Comments From Training:

" "Great approach to selling."

"I'm energized with a process!"

"It was time well spent."

"Excellent, fresh approach. Some uncomfortable but very useable."

"Gave me a new outlook on sales."

"Inspired me to get more involved with the younger producers. Down to earth practical approach. Gives everybody a track to run on."

"Will revitalize my sales activity."

"Excellent program to learn how to sell from an advisory standpoint rather than from a features and benefits sales approach."

"I will become a more professional salesperson and differentiate myself from the competition."

"Useful approach to sales, providing a process which can be improved on through constant use."

"Presents a way/process that makes sales less stressful because you are more in control of your destiny."

"My time will not be wasted on prospects who do not have the intention of buying benefits."


" "Best and most useful skills seminar I have participated in in some time."

"Unique methodology for sales. I can't wait to try it."


"Program stimulated thinking about a variety of opportunities."

"Loved it. Totally new concepts that the competition won't have."

"Allowing the customer an out diffuses anxiety and was an important lesson."

"Helped me think outside the box regarding the traditional way of selling."

"I really feel our group will be more professional because of this training."


" "It could not have been much better. It was great!" --J.H.

"This program will benefit our sales production and the way we handle objections." --R.B.

"Great job overall....John kept everyone focused and moving." --D.G.

"John did an awesome job. Workbook is a great idea and I appreciate your time. I know this information will help me out tremendously...I wish I would have learned this a long time ago! Great job!" --D.M.

"Very helpful in the area that I needed help in." --C.W.

"I feel I am better prepared to train our recruiters to succeed." --B.G.

"Overall, very pleased with the training and instructional tools. The content was directly related to my everyday job situations, the instructor was very informative and flexible and the materials will be my personal work guide." --D.I.

"This program gave me pointers in a lot of areas. The materials were prepared well and John gave a very rewarding presentation." --J.C.

"I really enjoyed the role-playing and understanding the prospect more. I look forward to the Sales Management Seminars and continued training in April." --L.S.

"John's really good at relating material to everyday life." --S.M.

"Great!!! More knowledge than I ever gained in any sales training I've ever had!" --T.S.

"It was beyond my expectations. Good sales technique and training ability and John was very good!" --T.H.

"Loved it and can't wait for Round 2." --B.C.

"Very well thought out process. John is very personal and the program was very positive. Worth every second and penny." --M.B.

"This was much better than I expected." --R.A.

"Excellent program. Everything was great and helped me pull it all together. Looking forward to the next session." --S.J.


"“Great content. Much more useful in my everyday life than a typical sales course.” --T.B.

“I was a little skeptical prior to attending. This was an extremely valuable investment of my time and weekend. Great insight into business & people. Thanks!” --J.D.R.

“Excellent and well-structured course that my sales team have learnt from and will apply.” --T.C.

“The best slots online I have experienced so far. Great specific ideas and questions.” --S.B.

“I got everything I had hoped for and more. I would recommend this to any sales professional…It was a great and effective use of time.” --Z.E.

“This was a great look at how to identify what is needed to sell, rather than quote/ship.” --J.G.

“Well targeted for my job. John was a great resource as an instructor. This program was useful and resourceful for my sales development in work.” --R.A.

“John, this was a great program. It was very well delivered and directly related to my job." --R.F.


"“Materials were very pertinent to our business. There were some very useful tools/techniques that I believe I can use immediately. Thanks John!” --B.R.

“I wish I could have 2 full days, the complete version of training.” --J.H.

“I found the short course valuable. Would like the next iterations.” --B.W.

“Finished with ‘pain.' Wished we had time to cover rest of process. Great eye-opener!” --T.R.

“Content was better than expectation. Excellent presentation skills. This program got me. An engineer-type…out of his box and more enthusiastic about selling.” --N.T.

“Very good program. Right about of time/focus for this diverse audience.” --C.T.

“It was an excellent class—I realize the time was rushed, I think 2 days slot machines might have been better.” --K.D.

“You exceeded my expectations. This was very effective for the Service Delivery Manager. I thought the material was excellent and your delivery style was very effective and motivational. Outstanding, John!” --A.R.

“Very good—scratches the surface and leaves you wanting more valuable training from John!” --G.C.

“Excellent. Especially useful for non-sales professional. Applies to everyday interaction with all people and all relationships.” --B.O.

“It provided me with a clear picture or ground rules to open new business." --E.P.

"Great! A great way to learn how to do better in sales and in life." --G.Z.

"It has taught me to improve sales, become a better salesperson and the concept to lead the prospect to information." --W.C.

"I believe this program will improve the overall efficiency of our company and allow for more focused allocation of company resources and manpower." --P.M., President


""This program is a must for any sales organization that wants to achieve greatness."

"This program is the first that really provides tools that can be applied everyday.""

"Most usable training ever.""

"Very good program. I'm excited to try it.""

"Thanks! It was quite surprising and enriching to learn a new approach to selling.""

"Vastly different approach to selling. It should shorten the sales cycle and increase sales.""

"A great program that offers very usable sales tools.""

"It gave me, as a new salesperson, tremendous insight about the sales process and how to better interact with the customer.""

“This was the best money our company has ever spent on training. I was very impressed with the training and I've been through many here in the past 10 years. I've personally told everyone about it and how excited it has made me about my professional and personal goals.” --L.W."

“This has been the most relevant sales training that our company has offered to date.” --M.C."

“Best sales training that our company has offered. Makes sense. I am very excited about engaging in this program. It seems like a very easy method to follow.” --J.R."

“I enjoyed this training more than any other sales training I've had. Valuable because of its simplicity. No numerous “roles” to keep track of.” --P.S."

“Best sales training I've gone through.” --J.L."

“I found the overall simplicity of the approach and training to be the most useable.” --H.W."

“Information and technique were excellent. Will help me in future, outside of our company as well.” --G.G."

“Simple and methodical process. Nice transition in questions. A lot better than prior training…'get in your customer's head'” --P.S."

“Engaging. I love learning through stories! I remember them…” --M.H."

“I must admit that I was extremely surprised with what we learned. It was like a shot in the arm getting me excited to ‘change' my approach and to become a ‘highly' successful sales rep.” --R.S."

“Tremendous delivery. Interactive. Fun. Great stories. Very credible. Extremely well done…content was a bit different but very valuable and extremely well delivered. It was simple, it flowed and John has a great way of delivery, communicating, credibility and getting his point across. One of the best trainings I've gone through.” --D.D."

“Excellent, fresh, unique and positive. I look royal vegas casino forward to future communications.” --G.M."

“I am very excited to begin using this new approach to selling. Thanks for making the selling process look so simple.” --C.D."

“Unbelievably useful to my position. In the past, sales trainings seemed like a waste of time because none of the info was particularly relevant to my position. This info is very relevant and enlightening.” _--A.J."

“A great refresher course and unique to pulling all sales techniques together in a usable way.” --J.H."

“Refreshing and respectful sales approach.” --J.D."

“Excellent! Very valuable and the information applies to so many different situations.” --K.L."

“John was credible enough to make me want to change my selling style of 20 years! Meaty—filling and relevant.” --L.B."

“Common Sense Selling breaks down the fundamentals of engaging prospects and clients in a meaningful and systematic approach.” --S.B."

“Very informative and interesting. Dynamic approach to simplifying the sales process. I can see a lot of change coming to our organization. Thank you!” --S.S."

“I would recommend this to all my colleagues.” --D.D."

“I have been through multiple sales training sessions. I felt that John did a fantastic job of combining the best strategies and processes into a very usable and effective format.” --M.A."

“This is something I can begin using today!!!” --C.D."


" Comments From Surgical Division Participants:

“Repetition is the key to learning. Over the past few years, this program has really helped my development.” --J.B.

“John's trainings are my favorite part of our sales meetings. Info in other presentations are important, however John's training applies to work and personal life!” --G.R.

“Role-plays and group brainstorming sessions keep the group active!” --C.S.

“I love the Account Report because it keeps me focused on asking questions and probing for pain instead of slipping into FAB selling.” --B.C.

“Always extremely motivating and interesting…I love the usefulness of the Account Report!" --C.H.

“I was in training three weeks ago and have been using John's techniques. They work and I am more organized and confident than ever.” --W.L.

“It appears that the process has started to ‘click' with our field reps and this should enforce use of our CRM.” --A.G.

Comments From Donor Division Participants:

“John's knowledge of subject content and ability to deliver material is always superb.” --S.C.

“The program was very helpful in preparing me for my future position as an Account Manager. Great workshop, John. I look forward to the next one. Fantastic!” --A.B.

“John is an excellent trainer, making learning fun. His true-life scenarios make the class more interesting. He gives positive feedback to the participants as well.” --C.P.

“John is great at applying the techniques to our particular business. Continual improvement of our skills is beneficial. Once a year is not enough.” --R.R.

“John is excellent at covering the materials and exploring it in practical ways. Great handouts to use as a reference. ‘Common Sense Selling' is very appropriate for the class and our organizations. We all need to practice, practice, practice…” --R.J.

“Not only does John know the sales process inside and out, he has a solid understanding of our ‘unique' business environment.” --C.C.

“John can really get the group involved! Great course. Importance of back to basic message very high for creating disciplined manner of approaching sales problems.” --A.K.

“Very informative. John shares a lot of good personal stories as examples that people can relate to.” --D.E.


"Attended many sales training programs in 20+ years -- This is the best!"

"This is the best sales training program that I have attended. It feels natural and is the easiest for my personality to adapt."

"Beat my expectations! It will definitely help our group get results!"

"Refreshing--natural straightforward approach."

"Methods taught match the culture of the bank, so they're immediately usable."

"I can't wait to give this a try. I fully expect to see a more efficient use ofmy time....resulting in a higher closing percentage."

"Very useful. It's a big change but makes sense in commercial banking."

"Honestly, I was not looking forward to spending two days in training. My experience has been that these are usually a waste of time. That was not my experience this week. I sincerely enjoyed this experience."

"I learned more than I expected. In all honesty, I was not looking forward to learning sales, as I believed that I could never be a good salesperson. However, this program helped boost my confidence and taught me how to ask the right questions."

"Great material and strategy for the bank."

"It was simplified enough to implement immediately."

"Loved the program. A lot of information to digest in 2 days."

"Jim does a great job illustrating how to utilize CSS tactics by using them while teaching (and not humiliating the audience since some were very nervous about training)."

“Puts a very basic structure to selling that is consistently replicable and will increase sales productivity for those loan officers who truly want to improve.”

“Program has wide application in bank. Recommend many of the younger officers going through program.”

“Basic steps are very good—style excellent—very appropriate.”

“Jim's style helped me understand the importance of being a good listener and not to jump to conclusions or solutions before I understand the problem (pain).”

“This is my 8th sales training in 15 years. You are the first to say OK to 'no.' Great work!”

“The psychology is brilliant!”

“Excellent. Just what we needed.”

“Solid investment of 2 days.”

“It showed me that I can drill down (with questions) much further and get to the degree of 'pain' that can make my closing probability increase.”

Comments From Los Angeles Participants:

“The class is very original and introduces some new concepts that will be very useful in prospecting and selling."

“I really enjoyed the boot camp. Felt that I learned several new pearls that will assist me in the marketplace to ensure that slight edge.”

“Good buy-in from my people. Pain focus was new to me.”

“Made me re-think the way I approach the prospect.”

“A fresh way to handle the sales process with some ideas that are non-traditional and may push the envelope.”

“Valuable class. It's helpful to have a new system to work with versus the same old ideas. I intend to use what I learned and anticipate improved sales results.”

“I'd recommend this class be taught to others in the bank. Great material, knowledgeable instructor and helpful tools that will make my job easier.”

“The program provides a consistent process to sell. It provides effective tools to keeping our meetings on track, making our meetings more productive and to close more deals.”

“The program really helps you to adjust your belief system and then provides solutions to become a better investigator, as well as more sensitive to the prospect.”

“It's a great program and is recommended to any marketing office.”

“A new approach. You don't need to propose on every deal. ‘No' is okay.”

Comments From San Diego Participants:

“This will help me move the sales process forward early or get out.”

“I was pleased to see that our product partners and prospect managers were also included. This sales process is concise and conversational.”

“A refreshing approach to sales.”

“A new approach to an old problem. Confidence builder.”

“Excellent program to help structure the sales process.”

“The course appears to be very good for cold calling and working with prospects or existing customers. Good tips that are easy to use.”

“Provided selling alternatives that result in a higher closing ratio.”

“In a selling training course, it is very important that the instructor speak from knowledge. Jim obviously has been through many wars.”

“Simple elegant sales process that can easily be implemented in existing style and format.”

“I liked Jim's approach. I hope to use his questioning techniques and confirmation strategies to increase my percentage of closing. I hope to keep working hard, but smarter!”

“Material was very thought provoking and useful. Instructor provided a very comfortable learning environment. Would like more training.”


"Comments From Training Participants In Paris:

“Good handouts, well prepared. Loved personal experiences and openness to different views.”

“Excellent course. I realize how much I will need to work at learning this and it will be fun!”

“Very good program. John makes it very interesting and easy to follow, giving various examples. Very approachable.”

“An excellent course which taught me things I already believe in. I am very eager to develop the skills and curious about the results.”

“The second time was even better. I got points that I hadn't seen before.”

"Excellent model for sales which makes complete sense and takes off uncomfortable pressure from traditional selling."

Comments From Training Participants In San Diego:

“I have been through Spin, Miller Heimann, customer-oriented selling and this far exceeded those programs! Excellent and real-life examples illuminated concepts well. John did an excellent job and was fully engaging.”

“High energy, kept my attention, extremely positive. Initially struck me as a very unique and different way of approaching sales…but in the end, I realized that the techniques were indeed ‘common sense.'”

“I have been on 3 other sales skills/training and this is by far the best. I can see how this can help me in everyday life.”

“Very motivating. It was a great experience to listen to John. I learned a lot, also about myself and my attitude. The program really deserves its name, ‘Common Sense.'”

“Really well-organized and extremely useful. Would have been happy training for a couple of more days. All useful stuff!”

“A new attitude towards sales. This was a great sales course. One I could really relate to and which I will take a lot from.”

“Very useful. Some great tools that I will use. Very well presented, interesting and inspiring. I am very positive about how this will affect my career…can't wait to use it.”

“I found it to be very inspiring. Very good for the amount of information packed in to the time allowed.”