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Gary Levine, Geo Juice
“I love the Sales Coach system”
Buddy Thomas, SuperPlan.com
“I have been selling for 30 years and in my first 20 I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. And the past 10 year have been completely different since I discovered the Common Sense Selling system”
Stacy McKibbin, Action Coach
This training has revolutionized my sales process.
Roy Slavin, PhotoBadge.com
I have been selling for 18 years and I finally have a system that is just plain "Common Sense".
Kurt Wittmayer, Wittmayer Associates
“As an ex-professional baseball player, I know the value of perfect practice. The Sales Coach system has help me tremendously in my sales career”
Brian Long
You need a process for constant reinforcement and training. Thank you for what you have done for my career as a sales professional.
Brad Slavin, Webheat
I never considered myself a sales person. I was an engineer, but when I started my business I realized that I needed to become a sales person if I was going to eat! I really love the tools and the help that I got from working with the folks at Sales Coach.

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